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Polo Shirts – Too Many Options!

Let’s talk “SHIRTS” – and for today’s topic, let’s mainly discuss “POLO SHIRTS”.
With so many to choose from, how do I know I am getting what I want?

Polo Shirts do come in many different styles, shapes and fabrics so let’s discuss a few things and try to clarify some of the confusion when buying a shirt for business or pleasure:

Color – Color ranks as the number one factor when choosing a shirt. Just know that not every brand or style comes in every color, so be sure to research your color options before leaning toward a particular shirt. (Your Creative rep has a wonderful color chart to help you find the right shirt in a particular colors)

Material – Before choosing the material, we need to know what and where the shirt will be worn, indoors, outdoors, breathable, moisture-wicking, UV protection, etc. Once known, look at some fabrics that allows for a more comfortable and lasting fit.

Cotton – Did you mean 100% cotton, 50/50, open-end cotton, soft spun cotton, ring spun cotton or even combed ring spun cotton? Combed Ring Spun Cotton is one of the softest feeling cottons and what we would put in the “best” category. Cotton does breathe and though it holds the moisture, is generally cooler out in the Florida sun. Cotton also fades faster than polyester, so if color is important, polyester may be a better choice. A “heather” pattern (as shown above) does not shrink, where solids will shrink a little with that first wash.

Polyester – Often called “Performance” shirts, generally has a soft silky feel. Polyester will maintain its color better than cotton, but it does NOT breathe. Moisture-wicking is a big draw with polyester shirts, but understand that not all polyester is moisture-wicking! If you are looking for a shirt that dry’s quickly and pulls moisture from you body, it must say “moisture-wicking”. This moisture-wicking definitely makes the polyester shirt feel cooler than a cotton shirt that holds the moisture, but if you were to do a test, you just might be surprised which one is cooler.

UV Protection – Synthetic fibers are more protective than bleached cottons, and shiny materials like rayon, reflect more UV than matte fibers. Almost all clothing offers some protection from UV light, but now you can buy some clothing that also treated to absorb harmful UV rays. Shirts with this protection will be marked as UV Protection.

Other performance features available:
• Antimicrobial
• Anti-Pill
• Anti-Static
• Reflective
• Snag Protection
• Stain Repel
• Water Resistant
• Water proof
• Wrinkle Free
These are just a few things to think about when purchasing your next Polo.

Don’t get caught up in the details, let one of our experienced representative’s assist in your next purchase!

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Written by Jim Rowland